Books and Tapes by Ingrid Naiman

Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment
Soft cover

Before the advent of modern medicine, cancer was often treated with herbs. In my book, I survey historic uses of herbal salves and internal tonics from ancient India through Hildegard of Bingen and Native Americans and into the present times. Guidelines for using the salves are included along with formulae for more than 100 cancer-related products. More on the cancersalves web site.

US 27.50
Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment
The collector's edition, in handsome imitiation green leather
US 45.00
Cancer Salves
Audio cassette, one tape
US 10.00

Adrenal Exhaustion
Two audio cassettes in box

In this era of constant pressure to adapt to both environmental stressors as well as the tyrannies mind imposes on matter, many of the most talented people on the Planet are chronically fatigued and/or allergic to a host of foods and contaminants that undermine the love of life. This lecture offers practical advice for regaining stamina and stability and finding support for one's expression in the world.

US 20.00

The Elements: Constitutional Type and Temperament
Four audio tapes

The elements are one of the four cornerstones of Ingrid's system of medical astrology. Like the ancient Greeks and Indians, Ingrid sees the elements as the constituents of the material world, the world of form. However, the elements are distinguished by vibration, not only rate and density, but also nuance. The physical and psychological characteristics of fire, earth, air, and water are discussed in detail as are the protocols for harmonizing the elements.

US 40.00

Fate: Destiny or Karma?
Two audio cassettes in box

These tapes address the schism between mind and emotions, masculine and feminine, spirituality and psychology. They weave a story of the structure of the psyche and the origins of karma. More importantly, the reasons for the need for harmony between the personality and spirit are intelligently and compassionately presented.

US 20.00

Kitchen Doctor
Four audio cassettes in box

Based on the Ayurvedic tenet that taste is a clue to the pharmacology of food, Ingrid relates the six tastes: sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, salty, and astringent to the elements and constitutional balance. The system is so logical and clearly presented that anyone hearing these tapes can immediately begin applying the ideas so as to enhance physical harmony. The relationship of physical and psychological health is also developed to a considerable extent.
US 40.00

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