Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers

by Paul Kraus


Book Review by B.L. Stevens, Ph.D., LISW, M.A.

The psychological devastation that a cancer diagnosis has on the patient and the family is difficult to surmount.  In his personal account, Paul Kraus offers hope, insight, and a practical approach to conquer the fear that a cancer diagnosis provokes.  Well researched and well written, Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers:  A Patient's Guide is an excellent resource for the cancer patient and their family.  Mr. Kraus brings the force of his personal experience and long term survival to outline a pragmatic guide for the cancer patient to follow.  

There are many survivors of cancer and other potentially life threatening illness.  They all have harnessed the innate ability of the human body to heal.  The intimate interaction of thought, emotion, and trust in a higher power outside the self are the powerful forces that must be harnessed to overcome illness of any kind.  Without the emotional resilience necessary to override the pervading collective belief that cancer is a death sentence, the person diagnosed with cancer is likely to succumb to the inevitable:  the cancer diagnosis means suffering and death.  Mr. Kraus makes it very clear that survival is a matter of choice.  Focusing the will to follow the path that all life threatening illness survivors have tread, is the proven way to be the exception.  The path to emotional integration and healing is not an easy one.  The patterned responses of fear and doubt must be constantly overcome and replaced with hope and the expectation of a miracle. 

Mr. Kraus encourages every patient to ask questions, do extensive research and make decisions about treatment options based on what is best for them.  Mr. Kraus delineates some of the options both allopathic and alternative to guide the patient to begin their own investigation regarding treatment choices.  Meditation, nutritional therapy, dietary changes, exercise, support from his family, and an unrelenting optimism are the modalities Mr. Kraus credits with his ability to be a long term survivor of mesothelioma regarded as one of the most invasively virulent cancers that very few survive.  Having overcome the odds,  Mr. Kraus shares what he learned in his research to save his own life.  Utilizing his skill as a free lance writer, Paul Kraus has compiled an excellent resource for the cancer patient to use. 

Few have the focus or the support to make the necessary life changes that strengthening the immune system requires to deal with the condition of cancer and other life threatening illness. Often, the best resources are not readily available or even known.  A group of retired specialists in many aspects of medicine have made their knowledge and experience available completely free of charge to locate some of these valuable hidden resources.  If you or someone you know is interested in help finding community resources please call Options at 1-888-480-4530.                      



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