Formulas of Dr. Jones
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The use of these formulas by Dr. Jones is discussed in
Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment

Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment


According to J.H. Clarke's Dictionary of Materia Medica, Dr. Hahnemann also proved the remedy Thuja from the Arbor Vitae tree (The Tree of Life). It is a cure for VACCINOSIS. The following is a small quote from page 1420 of Volume 3 of the Third Edition:

"Boenninghausen found Thuja both preventative and curative in an epidemic of Smallpox. It aborted the process and prevented pitting.....These facts open up another great branch of Thuja's homeopathicity--its anti-vaccinal action. This extension was made by Kunkel and Goulon following up on Boenninghausen's experience with Smallpox. On this subject no one has written more forcibly or lucidly than Burnett (Vaccinosis and Its Cure by Thuja) "Arbor Vitae: nomen omen says Burnett on his title page. And in his hands Thuja has indeed proved a tree of life to numberless sufferers from the vaccinal taint. By Vaccinosis Burnett means the disease known as Vaccinia, the result of vaccination, plus "that profound and often long lasting morbid constitutional state engendered by the vaccine virus". To this state Thuja is Homeopathic, and therefore curative and preventive of it..."