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This section of the site is organized according to a more or less historic time table. In essence, this is how my research was conducted: I studied as much as was possible about the practices of key figures throughout time, starting with the references to the Ramayana and old Egyptian papyri, moving forwards in time through all the fads and fashions of medicine: Hippocrates, Galen, Hildegard of Bingen, Paracelsus . . . and then the Inquisition, the exodus from Europe to the Americas, the reliance on indigenous people for knowledge of the use the herbs growing in the Americas, the experts in cancer treatment who emerged out of the blending of medical traditions, and finally the present in which Frederic Mohs became the heir to applications of the method by professional physicians and Harry Hoxsey played a similar role in keeping alive lay methods, ironically using virtually identical bloodroot pastes.

Professional medicine has no use for laymen. A patient who says, "I feel better" or "I feel worse" is not taken seriously because it takes a doctor to determine whether or not the treatment is working. In theory, some of this absurdity is eliminated when a patient sees a holistic MD, but in reality, most holistic MDs had extensive training as doctors and very little training in natural medicine so they are usually, as Andrew Weil proved recently, more comfortable with what they learned in a disciplined fashion in medical school.

However, as one friend of mine said publicly to an enormous audience, he would rather see an herbalist with 30 years experience than a medical doctor who took a weekend workshop on herbs and still doesn't really know how to apply the little he or she learned. For me, it's not black and white. It always comes down to the right protocol at the right time for the right person.

For myself, I do what I do largely for two reasons:

1. I know how patients suffer and I am totally committed to finding realistic ways to relieve pain and misery; and

2. in the course of my research for the book, I flew into periodic rages because of the greed on the one hand and suppression of competition on the other.

I have been absolutely committed to making certain that enough information reaches enough persons that no political or economic force could ever eradicate the knowledge of natural medicine nor garner it for private profit. As John Robbins has said, the Inquisition is very much alive and well today. I might add that though people are not being burned at the stakes, they are being poisoned and maimed by an industrial complex that is utterly indifferent to consequences.

Thus, whether I look at the fouling of air, water, soil, and the food supply or genetic engineering of crops that are cross pollinating with native species of plants, I cannot just sit back quietly and leave the ranting and raving to others. However, in taking the position I take, I want to make a few things very clear.

The fact that I exercise my right to freedom of speech does not mean that whatever I say applies to individual situations. I am looking at the global picture. I am alarmed by the "security breeches" of viruses, by the experiments with new vaccines and drugs that put animals and people at risk, by the irreversible impact of science on the environment, and by trends in which only the very, very rich could ever hope to corner the monopolies on medicine that God and Nature have freely bestowed on all creatures.

Thus, while this my concern and my motivation, I am acutely aware that for an individual cancer sufferer, the best action is to choose the most effective treatment in the most timely way possible. Acquiring the kind of education I have takes time, and while I try to share all I can, I realize that no one can explore the depths of my knowledge in a short time. Likewise, while I was doing my studying, others were creating the music that I enjoy as balm for my soul . . . and they were doing their parts to keep this world in order. I see this as a fair trade, but keep in mind that for all intents and purposes, none of the healing strategies or products described on the pages on this site have been researched in anything remotely resembling a modern study. Believe me, I have tried to encourage people to research a few things, maybe with easy to treat conditions such as small basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas, but I learned quickly that humanitarian concerns are put aside when money is necessary to fund studies. Suddenly, the only thing that counts is whether or not it will be possible to patent the products that prove successful.

You want to know what I have told the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who have approached me with proposals?

"I was so outraged by the secrecy that worked against the interests of patients that I published every formula and the methodology of every practitioner so that no one would ever be able to keep this knowledge from the patients who need it. I am therefore only willing to work with people whose motivations are purely humanitarian, not financial."

Frankly, I'm half proud and half remorseful. I'm glad I did what I did because my motivations were right for me, but they were also so unrealistic and counter to the wisdom of Wall Street that I have almost guaranteed that no one but another fool such as myself would ever undertake to spend the kind of time and money it takes to do proper trials.

So, before presenting our list of historic persons and the products Sacred Medicine Sanctuary has re-created, let me just add that while I feel I understand the people and the products, I do not believe there is any such thing as one product that is right for everyone . . . nor is it true that everyone who has cancer should go the holistic route. Everyone should listen to the drummer and march to his or her own truth . . . and take responsibility for the choices made, including those that fail as well as those that work. Earth can be an agonizing school, and sometimes our most difficult lessons are learned when our choices appear to have betrayed us rather than when we seem to be in charge.

In saying this, I am not suggesting the historic products are likely to fall in either the success or fail category. No treatment works for everyone. Some people present too late; some people choose protocols that do not really fit their needs; some do not support their need for health with suitable life style changes; and some should not be praised or blamed for anything because the clock of life is ultimately ruled by a force that operates completely beyond our understanding.

God bless you!







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