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This site is organized into sections, like chapters of a book with separate pages on different subjects. This site grew from 13 small pages to nearly 500 pages over a period of several years. The original section is in the Introduction.

Each section has an index with a brief description of the topics included in that section. In addition, there are navigation links to pages within that section under the navigation arrows near the bottom of each page. The site is logically organized, but it doesn't have a table of contents or index like a book. Instead, the table of contents is a this page but a more detailed preview in each section. Instead of an index, there is a very powerful search feature at the top of the sidebar.

Introduction to

The background on botanical cancer treatments used externally includes the history of cancer salves and pastes going back to ancient India and Greece through Hildegard of Bingen and physicians in Europe and North America for the last 350 years.

Ingrid Naiman

Since I am not a medical doctor, I try in this section to give visitors an opportunity to create a context for understanding "where I am coming from" and why.

There is also information about seminars and my services.

Sacred Medicine Sanctuary

Information on the church that operates this site as well as the story behind the botanical products created for Sacred Medicine Sanctuary. Learn about our commitment to the environment as well as realistic choices for persons who elect to pursue a holistic healing course.

Questions and Answers

There are three bulletin boards associated with this public service. There is one for posting questions that replaces the previous pages devoted to questions and answers. There is another where patients can discuss their experiences and share both the fruits and perils of their healing quest. This board is only for patients. There is also a board on that is rarely used but freely available.

These three boards are in the throes of becoming archived. When this project is complete, this service will be replaced by a blog.

There is a "contact us" form for queries, but to spare time, it is helpful if people first search the site(s) for information.

There is yet one more board that is strictly for practitioners.


This section is empty at the moment, but it is intended to hold the posts from the bulletin boards.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions and comments from people who have attempted to use pastes and salves without prior preparation.

Case histories and speculations on the mechanism whereby the salves and internal tonics work.

Biographical material and essays on my own relationship to health and healing: Emotions and Cancer, DNA and Cancer, Body-Mind Connection.

Case History

Because there are case histories in the book, a deliberate decision was made not to put a lot of case histories on the Internet. However, there is one. There is also a page with speculations on the mechanism whereby the salves and internal tonics work and a few additional pictures—very graphic—in the introductory section.


Due to spamming, the guestbook became a nightmare. After a valiant effort lasting a couple of years, it was deactivated, but the posts are still there for those who want to read them.


In addition to a fax, there are three ways to order products online: with instant order buttons on the pages where the products are described, in the online store, and on special order pages in this section.

Since the store services many sites, there is more there than on


We normally ship via DHL to the 48 Continental States and by priority mail to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

For international orders, we ship by surface, air, or global priority mail. For DHL or FedEx shipments, special arrangements need to be made.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of botanical treatments are thoroughly discussed in the book and in somewhat lesser detail on this site. While every effort has been made to provide accurate information on the herbal products described in the book, the only real way to ascertain the effectiveness of the historic approaches to cancer treatment was to re-create the products and try them. Sacred Medicine Sanctuary has taken on this task and has made several of the internal tonics as well as a number of ointments and supportive remedies on an experimental basis. This includes a variation of the Hoxsey tonic. No escharotic products such as the black salve or Compound X can be purchased on this site, but sources for them are listed.

New Pages

For a long time, I maintained a record of when new posts were added. This allowed return visitors to check for pages. This upkeep was abandoned in favor of a subscription list that allows me to send emails to subscribers who wish to be notified where there are are new posts or developments in the cancer world.

Subscription List

Anyone who wants can subscribe to the list. Some time back, subscribers to and were merged onto one list.

In addition to notification of new pages posted on this site, emails are also sent when there is news of something of potential interest to patients, such as research on the risks of using cell phones or legislation that might affect the availability of supplements.

There is also a subscription list for and


There is a tiny section with recipes on this site and much more on and

Odds and Ends

There are pages here and there that are hard to classify. For instance, there is a reading list, a list of alternative cancer organizations, and a links page.

These will be better explained in the directory.




Cancer Salves: The bookWhy I wrote the book and what is included in the book that cannot be found on this site, such as recipes and instructions.


See also the reviews of the book.


There are three types of articles on this site: philosophical writings, essays on specific health issues, and short treatises on individual herbs. Because there are so many pages with educational and/or inspiration material, it has been difficult to group these in one neat place.

This said, the most popular article for some years has been the one on bloodroot, the one that prompted the registration and development of this site. I think people will find the link to the next page equally interesting.

The article on the Hazards of Microwave Cooking has also had an exceptional number of visitors for many years. It is a reprint.

Thanks to the hopeful news on wormwood, that page is ranked as a favorite. However, the pages devoted to boswellia and the mistletoe treatment known as Iscador have also had many visits, again, this is no doubt because of the way media interest directs attention to specific herbs, often after research is published or a celebrity makes an otherwise obscure herb famous.

My personal favorite is probably the article on terrain, an attempt to balance the germ theory with the understanding of pleomorphism and opportunism.


Checklist that patients can use to see if they are addressing enough aspects of the cancer dilemma.

There are three pages in this section that have consistently had a lot of visits: white blood cells, red blood cells, and detoxification. After this come the pages on lymphatic congestion.

All of the topics in the checklist section are more fully discussed on a separate web site devoted to this important subject.

Cancer Checklist



The section on herbs has four sub-sections. They reflect the evolution of the site and my work. The first section covers historic practitioners, the same ones discussed in my book, but this time with direct reference to particular formulas. Without question, the page on Harry Hoxsey is the most popular.

Then, there is a small section devoted to famous herbal treatments, like Essiac and Iscador. This is followed by the section on individual herbs known for their anti-cancer actions. It was not always easy to know where to place a page. For instance, should chaparral be in the first section like Essiac or in the second with bloodroot? I made the choice based on the amount of compounding or processing required. Since Essiac is a formula, not a single herb, it went in the "famous treatment" section. Likewise, Iscador requires special laboratory processes that are not part of the general knowledge repertoire of conventional herbalism. So, it is there with Essiac whereas mistletoe is in the section with other single herbs.

It should be pointed out that most of the herbs discussed on this site are also discussed on Cancer Plants, a site devoted to ethnobotanical cancer treatments, cultivation, and preservation of endangered species cancer plants.

Cancer Plants


Sacred Medicine Sanctuary Products

There is a fourth section under botanical approaches to cancer treatment that includes brief descriptions of some of the products Sacred Medicine Sanctuary has reproduced from historic traditions as well as some that I have myself developed in response to suffering.

These include two immune boosting formulas, Indigo Drops and Whale's Tears, as well as an anti-scarring creme to be used following biopsy, surgery, or escharotic use. There are many other products, but these three are my own. The most popular page is the one on the Hoxsey Elixirex, a variation of which we produce under the name of Sundance Elixir.


Hulda Clark's book The Cure for All Cancers sold millions of copies. She, like many others before her, was convinced that parasites are a critical factor in the development as well as treatment of cancer.

When I first heard about her work, I was skeptical, but after consulting in Germany, I found that cancer patients do indeed have blood parasites. There is a little material on this site and much more on Kitchen Doctor.


Mold is a very serious health problem but it is seldom recognized as a possible contributor to cancer. However, the University of Adelaide web site has some excellent material on mold and cancer. There is nothing on this site about mold, but there are some interesting pages on Cancer Checklist.

Cancer Research

In an ideal world, I would have long since had the opportunity to conduct formal research, but the truth is "big money" is not only not interested in alternative and less expensive approaches to cancer, it is actively opposed to anything that might jeopardize its market share. This said, I do the best that I can. I am always reading, listening, trying new ideas and discovering.

I expressed some of my thoughts on cancer researchin a letter to Senator Tom Harkin, D-IA; but there is more scattered throughout this site, including within the Sacred Medicine section.


This site is in the process of major change. Bear with us while we upgrade.




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Much of the material on this site is historic or ethnobotanical in origin. The information presented is not intended to replace the services of a qualified health care professional. All products discussed on this site are best used under the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

We encourage patients and their friends and family to avail themselves of the information found on the Internet and to share their discoveries with their primary care practitioners. If there are questions about the suitability of a product or strategy, please have your practitioner contact the web hostess.

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