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Complete List of Herbs Discussed on Cancer Salves

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Screening by NCI of 35,000 herbs for potential anti-cancer action determined that 3000 plants have some usefulness in fighting cancer. Sacred Medicine Sanctuary offers a variety of tonics, teas, boluses, and extracts containing herbs known to be effective in cancer treatment.

Parasites sometimes die in the place where they had lived. They are then consumed by bacteria. This imposes elaborate demands on the immune system. Die off, both of malignant tissue and parasites, is important enough to warrant the use of adjunctive protocols for people using herbs to address these conditions. Astragalus promotes adrenal cortical function, which also is critically diminished in cancer patients. Astragalus also ameliorates bone marrow pression and gastointestinal toxicity caused by chemotherapy and radiation. Where there is infection, toxicity, acidity, and various other conditions in the vicinity of the tumor, responses to bloodroot applications can take place in minutes and affect much more tissue than the actual site where the paste is applied. Then, depending on the product used and the skill of the person using the product, inflammation, pain, and ultimately scarring can be more than some people expect.

In a study conducted in Germany, 25 patients were administered a dry extract of boswellia for one week. The tumors were then surgically removed. About half the patients had such significant regressions that the tumors had all but disappeared. They used a dosage of 800 mg. three times a day.


The late Dr. William Kelley believed that about 7% of patients with cancer benefit indirectly from the use of chaparral. He felt it acts as a natural chelator of liver and pancreatic toxins resulting from exposure to chemicals, medications and drug abuse, and pollutants.

The use of goldenseal was taught to early American colonists by Cherokee medicine men and women. It was used in many cancer treatments by such successful physicians as John Pattison whose work is discussed in my book. Pattison began his career using bloodroot and changed to goldenseal because he regarded it as clinically superior. Mistletoe has held interest as a possible anticancer agent since the 1920's. This is because extracts derived from it have been shown to kill cancer cells and to stimulate immune system cells. Research professor Henry Lai and assistant research professor Narendra Singh have exploited the chemical properties of a wormwood derivative to target breast cancer cells with surprisingly effective results. A study in the latest issue of the journal Life Sciences describes how the derivative killed virtually all human breast cancer cells exposed to it within 16 hours.

Complete List of Herbs Discussed on Cancer Salves


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Complete List of Herbs Discussed on Cancer Salves


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