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White blood cells are humble workers who, among other functions, devour debris (such as seen in the image below). Immunity can be boosted by the right choice of products that increase the effectiveness of white blood cells. In darkfield microscope examination of live blood cells, it becomes immediately clear that active white blood cells are what "clean" the red blood cells and enable them to function properly. They also eat bacteria and secrete something that dissolves fibrin in the blood. Eliminating disease is thus more a matter of boosting the activity of the immune cells than of poisoning the body with chemicals with a supposed selectivity for cancer cells.

A Canadian producer of a colloidal silver product provided a video tape of darkfield microscope analysis of live blood before and after using his product. What was most fascinating is that within a few minutes of ingesting 1-2 teaspoons of his product , the white blood cells became more vigorous and effective. Within half a hour, the plasma began to look cleaner and some of the rouleau (clumping of red blood cells so often found in the blood of cancer patients) had begun to break up.

People feel immediately more invigorated when the red blood cells are freer and able to circulate and transport more oxygen. What one also saw in the video is that many red blood cells were suffering from bacterial attacks on the cell membranes and that bacteria often penetrated the cell membrane. When this happens, the cell becomes very weak and deformed and quite "incompetent." These cells move towards the white blood cells which then begin cleaning the red blood cells, who then happily dance off. This is very interesting, no absolutely fascinating, to watch. It results in a profound appreciation for the many roles performed by white blood cells and the importance of good immunity.

I was left with no doubt that adequate white blood cell activity is not just crucial to health, but perhaps a higher priority than "destroying disease" in some specific cytotoxic or other manner. I have had subsequent opportunities to observe similar phenomenon while consulting in Germany. It became obvious to me that red blood cells are dependent on the white for help. More importantly, I saw that bacteria eat dead parasites and when they are finished, the white blood cells eat the bacteria. These natural processes led me to believe that poisoning the system to rid it of something would only make more work for the already overburdened white blood cells and probably also a delay in recovery.




This is a picture of three very fine white blood cells surrounded by almost normal red blood cells.




There are many herbs that support healthy white blood cells as well as a few exotic Oriental preparations such as very finely powdered pearls, a tradition in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Some of these include astragalus, an ingredient in many immune boosting formulae, and certain kinds of medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, maitake, and shiitake.

Astragalus is a popular immune boosting herb that is not well understood by most patients. It is probably the herb of choice for anyone needing to restore T-cell counts, something almost as important to cancer patients as to those with AIDS. It does not seem to have any direct effect on malignancy, meaning it is not cytotoxic, but it strengthens the immune system in such a way as to make the battle with cancer somewhat less taxing on the patient.

This herb was quite rare outside of China until a friend of mine offered a thousand dollar reward to anyone who would provide him a source that could be propagated in the States. One of my students won the prize and organically grown astragalus is now widely available. I found live plants at the outdoor farmer's market in Santa Fe where I used to live. The Chinese name for astragalus means something to the effect of "respected yellow tonic." The roots are harvested after 4-5 years of growth and usually sliced into strips that resemble tongue depressors. Most herbalists continue to prefer the better quality Chinese varieties over the domestically ground astragalus.

See astragalus recipe for nut butter that can be used by people

Many people use echinacea as a virtual panacea for infection and immune boosting. It is clinically proven to be be a T-cell potentiator, but the studies I did, referencing historic sources, claimed that echinacea is somewhat disappointing in cancer treatment, except perhaps liver cancer. Most preferred goldenseal or baptisia (wild indigo). We therefore made a formula using these herbs plus others we feel might be more specific to the needs of cancer patients.

Indigo Drops

This formula contains goldenseal and baptisia. Dr. John Pattison felt that goldenseal has a specific constitutional effect on cancer. Dr. Eli Jones used baptisia extensively to combat infection. In addition, Sacred Medicine Sanctuary uses other known anti-infective and detoxifying herbs: lomatium, St. John's wort, Oregon grape root, and galangal. Stillingia and poke root are added for their lymphatic decongesting actions and corydalis is included for pain. Indigo Drops also contains a small amount of the cornerstone of certain anti-cancer protocols, bloodroot. This formula was intended to perform three main functions: lymph stimulation, immune enhancement, and relief for stagnation in the gastrointestinal system and liver.


Indigo Drops




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