Itchiness is one of the more vexing symptoms of toxicity. According to my observations, it is usually worst at the time of the full moon (for several days either side of the exact full moon.) During such lunar cycles, internal products can be used in conjunction with topical applications of herbal fomentations such as pipsissewa or coptis. The method here is to make a concentrated herbal brew like a strong tea. Then saturate a clean cloth or gauze with the fomentation and apply the cloth to the skin. Covering the cloth with something air- and water-tight will prevent loss of moisture and prolong the effectiveness of the application.

I know many breast cancer patients for whom such simple measures have meant the difference between intolerable itching and discomfort and peace. It is not possible for me to know whether any of the underlying causes of the itching are affected by these preparations, but the itching certainly does subside.






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