Intestinal Flora

Not all bacteria is bad. Bacteria is needed to assist the breakdown of food into nutrients the body can use. The lower intestine contains both friendly and putrefactive bacteria. In a healthy person, 85% of the bacteria should be friendly and only 15% putrefactive; however, for an enormous number of people living the affluent dream, these ratios are reversed.

Most cancer patients eventually become aware of the fact that poor eating habits and inefficient metabolism and elimination have aggravated the tendency towards cancer. Some become obsessed with internal hygiene. Without good probiotics, some people will not achieve the goal they seek.

Intestinal Flora

Flora may need to be supplemented. Most producers claim their products are best. While I agree that there is a possibility that some probiotics are better than others, this is an area where I feel brand loyalty is ill-advised. Buy small jars and change brands each time you run low—and use the products fast as the friendly flora does not really have in indefinite life expectancy. Regardless of what it says on the bottle, many products have virtually no shelf life at all. For a quick start, I feel Eugalan is the best, but then switch to something else.

A word to the wise:

Avoid chlorine because it knocks out the intestinal flora. Use distilled or filtered water, not chlorinated water, not even in restaurants. To restore the vitality of water, you can ozonate it and/or add a very small amount of sea salt, natural trace minerals, or Willard Water to the purified water. You can also take heart from the fabulous work of Dr. Emoto and pray for the water or play music for it.

Another hint:

Take turmeric internally because it supports repopulation of friendly bacteria. Besides, it has great anti-cancer properties, amazing anti-oxidant action, and it removes most of the cancer odor that is so distressing to some patients.

The label on Nature's Answer Black Walnut states that it promotes "healthy flora levels." I suspect they have researched this, but for met was a new use of black walnut. Since Black Walnut is also anti-parasitic, this could be a way to achieve two ends with one herb.


Proper elimination should be easy: effortless and almost odorless. Odor is a sign of putrefaction and imbalance between the putrefactive and friendly bacteria in the colon. If there is adequate friendly flora in the system, odor will be minimal.

Waste products should be bound together in one bundle that floats in the water in the toilet bowl. This means that the gases have been bound into the eliminations rather than retained in the colon. When there is less flatulence, there is less dryness in the colon, less impaction, and less blocking of the walls of the colon in a manner that prevent assimilation of nutrients.

I strongly recommend that everyone, patient or not, strive for this level of colon function. We carry intestinal flora, colon cleansers, and intestinal tonifiers that many will find helpful. Once the flora is established, it usually maintains itself unless destroyed by chlorine (in drinking water), antibiotics, or diarrhea.

In the meantime, people may want to order Eugalan to help build intestinal flora and turmeric, the spice that gives curry powder its yellow color, to help maintain flora balance.

Finally, some people may really need a good parasite program, but just because some practitioners have linked cancer to parasites does not mean that everyone has parasites. Anti-parasite programs are sometimes challenging. If they aren't necessary, don't do one. However, you may need to have a number of tests done before discovering whether or not they might be important to your health.

The single most important simple and safe action patients can take is to restore normal function to the lower intestine. Years of sticky sweet carbohydrates have tended to cause clogging in the lower intestine. On my Kitchen Doctor tapes, I discuss this thoroughly. The average person has about forty pounds of plaster in the colon. Moreover, these same individuals have a poor population of friendly bacteria and too much putrefactive bacteria in the colon.

The interface of the four constitutional types with diet is covered in another set of cassettes called "Kitchen Doctor," my best selling album. See also, my web site of the same name.

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Eugalan or Lactopriv (dairy-free)

Seems to work quickly for most people who are trying to restore intestinal flora. Especially recommended for those with diarrhea.


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Nature's Answer, Black Walnut

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