Toxic Mold

The American Lung Association states that 50% of all illnesses are a result of poor indoor air quality and that IAQ is rated as one on the three top health concerns of our nation. For more on this, visit either Cancer Checklist or my new web site dedicated to mold.


If you are skipping this page because you think mold does not concern you or because you do not see enough material here, let me drop a gauntlet.

If we think, as some "well-informed" cancer patients have learned to think that red blood cells transport oxygen to tissues and that this is crucial for the prevention of cancer, we are risking putting too much attention on a theory of cancer based on the assumption that the morbidity is due to oxygen deficiency and anaerobic respiration of the malignant cells.

The truth is red blood cells carry nutrition and oxygen to all cells of the body and they exchange their beneficial payloads for toxins and carbon dioxide which they release in the lungs.  If we pause for even a moment, we realize the extraordinary pressure put on our breathing . . . and then air quality becomes a very important issue!


See Ingrid's article on mold on Cancer Checklist!

Mold Misery






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