Lymphatic Cleansing & Stimulation

Lymphatic congestion or stagnation is a serious problem for many cancer patients. Undigested food, infectious material, dead cells, toxins, and other debris have to be carried off by the lymphatic system. Thickened and sluggish lymph results in swelling and discomfort.

Very few people understand the humble working of the lymphatic system. Basically, the lymphatic system consists of one-way channels into which excess fluids, called lymph, are absorbed. This fluid consists of waste materials and some white blood cells. It is not under pressure and only moves because of exercise or muscle contraction. Lymph moves towards the heart where it empties into veins. The two largest areas of lymph collection are just below the clavicles, areas that are often swollen or tender due to congestion in the lymphatic system. The left side carries more fluid than the right, explaining why so many people experience worse swelling on the left side.

Many patients suffered from congestion or conditions such as mastitis before developing cancer. The lymphatic system benefits from alkalization of the diet and improved digestion. Dietary improvement and lymphatic stimulation—massage and exercise—combined with herbs that aid lymphatic purification support the lymphatic system's ability to carry off debris. As a general rule, there will be only minimal improvement in places such as the axilla or groin until the thoracic duct is freed of stagnation.


do not wear any tight fitting clothing while suffering from lymphatic congestion! It is also wise to avoid constant pressure on the same site, such as sleeping in the same position.


Cleavers Tea and Violet Tea

Most lymphatic formulae contain cleavers. Ours consists of cleavers along with detoxifying herbs and stimulating spices. This tea is zesty, stimulating, and gradually cleansing. Patients may need to drink a quart or more per day for several months to relieve the body of accumulations that obstruct proper circulation. During this time, they are advised to avoid tight fitting apparel and under garments as well as strain to the areas that are most congested. For example, women with breast cancer should not carry grocery bags with the arm on the side of the body that has the malignancy.

Use pure water. When the water begins to boil, turn off the heat, add the tea, and cover with a lid to prevent the volatile oils from escaping. Allow the brew to sit for 10-20 minutes; pour one cup for immediate consumption and place the rest in a stainless steel or glass (not plastic) thermos for later consumption.

The tea should be tasty, i.e., neither too bland nor too intense. It should be consumed while warm. Do not reheat the tea once it has been made as this affects the volatile oils that are so valuable for proper internal hygiene and peristalsis.


Phytolacca Syrup

Phytolacca Syrup is one of our historic re-creations. Dr. Eli Jones said that the formula supports the appetite and strength, particularly in older patients. He used it with breast cancer patients whose breasts are hard "like cheese." He also used it for tumors of the throat, uterus, and rectum as well as for patients with tongue cancer but he added potassium iodide for these patients. He recommended that patients take one teaspoonful after each meal. It contains poke root, gentian, and dandelion in a honey-based syrup.

Phytolacca Ointments

Compound Cerate Belladonna and Phytolacca Cerate are also historic re-creations based on the work of Dr. Jones. He recommended this product for recurrences in the scar tissue of breast cancer where the lump is hard and knotty. He often advised augmenting the effect with homeopathic Calcarea fluoride, 6x.

Bay Laurel

Another possible approach is to rub 2-3 drops of bay laurel essential oil into the lymph nodes for three weeks. Immediate relief is often experienced, but prolonged use can be irritating. We added this oil as well as essential oils of lemon and lime to our Phytolacca Cerate.

Algonquin Drops

Dr. Jones had a theory that cancer is aggravated by vaccination. He used thuja to antidote the effects of vaccine. We produce the original Jones formula under the name of Algonquin Drops. It contains thuja as well as poke root for lymphatic and glandular stimulation and baptisia (wild indigo) for infection and fetid discharges.

Indigo Drops

Indigo Drops was developed in a manner that would address several lymphatic issues simultaneously: infection, immunity, toxicity, and lymphatic stagnation.


New products are always being developed. Persons ordering these products need to accept two points: these products have been re-created or developed following historic usages and precedents. No contemporary studies have been done to suggest that they are effective, nor is there anything to indicate that they are not effective. They simply have not been studied and are thus "traditional" rather than "scientific." Secondly, because there is a need for information, those obtaining the products are asked to participate in research by supplying feedback regarding their experiences with the products. No claims as to the suitability of the products in individual situations are made nor can they be inferred except that the products have been carefully produced using the methods of traditional herbalism.








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