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I am a medical astrologer with a deep interest in the causes of diseases as determined by subtle and invisible dynamics of the psyche. I work with people who share my interest in exploring their illnesses in depth, who are willing to commit to serious inner delving using a variety of metaphysical methods: astrology, channeling, music therapy, guided visualization, meditation, and energy balancing.

Since the physical is to me a symptom of a broader problem, I begin with the intangible aspects of illness and do not address the illness directly although I use a certain amount of Ayurvedically inspired approaches to constitutional balancing that include some discussion of the effects of foods, herbs, and spices on different systems of the body.

I do no diagnostic work and no crisis management. I am not equipped to handle any emergencies. This is the work of conventionally trained doctors. More importantly, I do not supervise escharotic use nor do I or Sacred Medicine Sanctuary sell escharotic products. People who are interested in this approach to healing should read my book and learn to make the salves themselves or find someone who specializes in this treatment. My role is to work with patterns and their impact on physical situations as I believe the predisposition to disease must be shifted before the outer appearance can be healed.



If you are really interested in a consultation, you can order the intake booklet, send back the completed booklet, and schedule a teleconference at the rate of $90 per hour.  Click on the image to the left.







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