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Every day, for 33 years now, people have written and left messages on my phone about their struggles with cancer. I have created this Web site for the purpose of answering as many questions as possible and helping as many people as possible. This is my commitment to cancer patients and to those who love them. This Web site is my service to humanity and to my Faith.

I strongly believe that our bodies are our own. They have been given to us by God and require the same respect and reverence we offer to God. I believe it is essential that people discover the means to healthy living—and, for me, this includes emotional and spiritual poise as well as physical well being. However, what works for one person may or may not work for another; moreover, even experts will not concur on what will work best for any given individual.

Many people are seeking a cure for cancer. There are millions of patients seeking cures, and highly trained professionals with billions of dollars of research funds are looking for cures. With so many persons totally dedicated to finding cures, you would think it possible to find just one cure that works consistently, but this is not the case. No doubt, there are some treatments that are better than others; but people die everyday, not because the treatments are useless but because they did not work for certain individuals. In short, while each practitioner and expert may sincerely believe in the merits of his or her approach to cancer treatment, no one is able to offer specific assurances to anyone in particular. Thus, while I, too, believe in my approaches, I recognize they can never be right for everyone.

Who Lives and Who Moves to the Next Dimension?

I am somewhat unfashionable. In this era of discovery and conquest, of extreme mental prowess and domination of the environment, I believe in Fate. I am not, however, a fatalist.

Fate: Destiny or Karma

I believe that the moment, each moment, is created by what I call the intersection of karma and destiny. If one does not like these terms, it is all right to substitute subconscious and soul forces or perhaps even bizarre medical terms such as genetic predisposition and immunity—though I think these terms stretch the issue somewhat.

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In my personal view, people are absolutely responsible for the events that happen in their lives, this whether they understand the causes or not. Cancer is not always a foe. Many people have written eloquently of how cancer gave them permission to evaluate lives that were lacking passion, permission to be more spontaneous, permission to follow their hearts.

I do not fight cancer. I merely try to assist the quest for answers. Escharotics detract a lot from this quest. They produce dramatic reactions that people are convinced relate to their healing. They can see the tumors being destroyed and tend therefore to focus attention on the escharotic process rather than the inner process. One patient told me that she is glad the process takes as long as it does because it allows for the inner and outer work to synchronize with each other.

Escharotic Supervision

Because the salve process is lengthy, I choose not to become involved with it. I am saying this as openly and clearly as possible. I did the research, demystified the treatment, and put the findings out where people can study them and choose what to do, but I do not personally wish to supervise anyone's salve process, this regardless of the source of the product(s) and motivation of the user. I honestly feel that supervision is best performed by persons with the means to perform periodic evaluations. I'm a writer, not a physician.

It is my choice to work with people who fully understand my healing philosophy and to provide information, via my Web sites, publications, and audio cassettes for others who want to splice together parts of programs to create a strategy with which they are comfortable. My work involves the invisible parts of healing, and I leave the rest to others.

This said, I do want to go on record as saying that while I see the salves as potentially valuable components of a cancer treatment program, they are but one part of the whole. I do not believe that they constitute a comprehensive solution to the challenges posed by the disease. Thus, while I might see the merits of escharotic use in certain situations, there are many persons for whom they are not suitable. The boluses, being entirely different and far gentler, have a potentially far wider role for those whose conditions warrant; but even these should probably only constitute one part of a broader program.

Patterns in the Psyche

My work is to search for patterns in the psyche and to see how these patterns affect harmony or disharmony.

The Elements: Constitutional Type and Temperament

My material on constitutional types can be found in an album entitled "The Elements: Constitutional Types and Temperament." It is can be ordered by clicking on the button below.

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The interface of the four constitutional types with diet is covered in another set of cassettes called "Kitchen Doctor," my best selling album. See also, my Web site of the same name.

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Kitchen Doctor: Taste and the Elements

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have witnessed a few spontaneous remissions of cancer. In each case, the event occurred as a result of dramatic shifts in the psyche, changes in perspectives and insights into the meaning of life. These cures were complete. Once a person's patterns have changed, the old cannot return. I believe these inner shifts affect the way the body works, that the body has habitual responses that operate with predictable consequences until the patterns are themselves transformed.

This is my real work: listening to life stories, finding the patterns, helping to focus attention on the dynamic characteristics of the patterns, and working with individuals to help them develop strategies for transforming harmful patterns into healthy ones. The rest of my work is incidental, not irrelevant, merely adjunctive. More material of this type is posted on another of my Web sites.

Finally, I work to invoke insight into the soul qualities and destinies of individuals. I use astrology as a kind of blueprint for discussion. Then, I use various interview techniques and guided visualizations. In addition, I channel and facilitate music therapy sessions that help people to awaken to a more complete view of themselves as incarnate individuals.

To me, this work is the most important. A comprehensive cancer program needs to encompass the reasons for living as well as the threats to existence. I work with people who are committed to a total approach to health. The Web sites fill an interim need. I regard them as my service to those who are basically self-reliant or who cannot arrange to see me in person. Of course, those who prefer to work with their health challenges in some other way should keep looking until they find something they trust.

Many who surf the Net are looking for nuggets here and there. I have freely given of what I know. Those who are satisfied with cyber bytes can take what they like and go on. However, I would like to request those mining for piecemeal information to respect my time and energy and commitment to my Path: read the book, study other approaches, but do not try to elicit short-cut answers by phoning.  I will answer as many reasonable questions as possible—in writing—and post them on this site. In doing so, I will try to be thorough and to benefit others by responding to questions of general interest, but I do not do health consultations via email or bulletin boards.

Some people ask what seem to be simple questions, but what I would like to emphasize is that out of the context of the whole life dilemma and healing process, the question may not be simple at all. Moreover, implying that it is may shift the focus from something major to something minor. Shooting from the hip is not responsible, and I would like to remind everyone that a life threatening disease requires a total response. Believing that anything less than this will save a life is probably a fallacy, a fallacy that could result in premature death. I respect that not everyone may agree with me, but the place to debate is on the bulletin board, not in personal e-mails or over the phone.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Wishing you good health and happiness.



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