Instructions for Making Herbal Boluses

The ingredients for the bolus are provided as a powder, already blended. Interested persons need to acquire the cocoa butter separately. It is important that everyone who wishes to try Dr. Christopher's herbal bolus regime make the boluses correctly. Be sure you have the needed equipment and that you have a way to control the temperature while melting the cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter melts at a very low temperature which is why it is used as the binding agent for the powdered herbs. The bolus has to melt at body temperature so that the boluses will disburse and the herbs will move throughout the reproductive and eliminatory systems.

A slow cooker is one option. I used to have one that had a very low temperature setting. It cost about $8, was small, and was perfect for the job, but it vanished. A yoghurt maker with a one quart capacity is another possibility, a nearly perfect guarantee that the herbs will not be burned. A double boiler is another option, but you want to be sure your temperatures are really low. The herbs do not need to be cooked at all. In fact, it is probably better not to cook them. They just need to be stirred into the melted cocoa butter.

Step one:

Melt the cocoa butter. Do not allow it to bubble or burn!

Step two:

Stir in the powdered herbs a little at a time. Stop if the mixture becomes too stiff. If the mixture is too thin, add some turmeric powder. If it is too thick, add some more coconut butter.

Step three:

Allow the mixture to cool enough that you can handle it without burning yourself.

Step four:

You have two main options:

Roll the mixture as if making a pie crust. Then slice it into narrow strips.


Separate a little bit of the mixture as if making cookies, and roll each into something about the size of the last two sections of your baby finger, 2-3 inches long and approximately the same thickness as your smallest finger.

Step five:

Wrap each bolus individually (in wax paper) and put in the refrigerator.

I generally find that I can only make 3-5 boluses before I have to put the finished ones into the refrigerator. This is good. If the boluses melt into little puddles on the table where you are working, you know they will dissolve and disburse in your body! It they are too stiff, something went wrong and they aren't going to melt in your body. In the eleven years I have worked with these, only two people told me the boluses wouldn't dissolve.

There is enough in herbal powder in the package we supply to make about 60 boluses, a two-month supply. Obviously, it depends on the size of the boluses whether you will end up with 20 or 100!

Most women continue the use for two months. A few, often those with a long history of candida albicans or other infections of the reproductive system, continue for six months. Two or three women told me that itchiness due to candida increased a bit during the first days of use. Most women said that the boluses are extremely comfortable and are actually relaxing and soothing to the body.

It is a lot of fun to make the boluses if you have some friends over to help. It can be a substitute for an old-fashioned quilting or canning party.

The Garden Patience blend is Dr. Christopher's recommendation and comes from the company operated by his son. It can be steeped as a tea and consumed as a beverage as well as used as a douche. For best results, use it both ways, being very careful of the temperature used for douching. You can also use chamomile tea.

The boluses should be inserted at night before going to bed. Some women need to use panty liners to prevent spotting or soiling of bed linens. Douching can be performed in the morning. Most women tell me that there is no evidence of the herbs by morning. The body has therefore absorbed everything!

8 oz. Herbal Bolus Powder


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