Golden Myrrical


I have developed a salve that can be used on ulcerated tumors and tumors that have been exposed as a result of use of an escharotic paste or enucleating ointment. The salve tends to liquefy residuals in the treatment site. It is usually effective for one to five days, seldom longer. Most of the benefit is with the first use and prolonged use simply prevents the treatment site from closing. There are advantages to this because more observation time is sometimes useful. Many people like this ointment, but they do not understand that it is not intended for long-term use.

When people are using an escharotic treatment, it is often necessary to repeat the process. In this case, a couple of days of use of Golden Myrrical may ease the sensitivity of the exposed area and allow examination of the site (inspection for residuals.) If the site is discharging, this product should not be used. It is intended only for brief usage when the site is basically dry but there is a suspicion that the first round of treatment did not destroy all of the tumor. After a day or more with this product, a decision needs to be reached as to how the residual will be handled. This product will not generally be effective when large masses remain in the exposed treatment site.

It can sometimes be used for a day or two just to maintain moisture and keep the site active (prevent closure.)

The formula contains five parts by weight of powdered goldenseal root, four parts of powdered myrrh gum, and three parts of Irish moss. To this, a little C02 processed calendula is added. Castor oil is stirred into the powders. The mixture should be very thick. It can then be put in a yoghurt maker (approximately 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit) and warmed (cured) for a few hours.

It is important not to overheat the mixture (do not use a double boiler or crockpot.) Use only high quality herbs.

It is possible to vary the proportions and ingredients in the formula to meet specific needs. For instance, turmeric will reduce odor even further and inhibit scarring (but it will stain). Burdock may have some anti-angiogenic effect (reduce the tendency for auxilliary arteries to form that feed the tumor), but it is drying.

People have tried a number of variations. One person used chaparral, another lomatium. Several have used poke root or phytolacca oil. Some have tried thuja, baptisia, red clover, and/or violet flowers or leaves. A few people have asked about combining these with flower essences or homeopathic remedies. All I would suggest is that (1) before experimenting, make sure you understand why you are doing what you are doing (there should be a reason for the choice that goes beyond fragrance and handiness), and (2) please share your experiences so that all may benefit.






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