Vibrations, Waves, and Cacophony

After my post to subscribers about cell phone radiation, I ran a few experiments with two different cells phones, with and without a device that was promoted as protective.  It failed the test I had set up so I will not bother to discuss it further.  I might wrap up that experiment with the comment that it reduced the harmfulness of the cell phone but did not eliminate the risks of using a mobile phone.

Today, I got an email from Dr. Mercola about cell phones.  I will order the device and see if it performs better, but one scientist explained to me that a device that eliminates the hazard will also affect performance of the cell phone.

I feel this is a situation in which we can say, "you were warned" and what you do is now up to you.

Waves and Oscillations

In one of the first books I ever wrote, I explained "waves" in a way that may or may not make sense to you.  Keep in mind that I started this work thirty plus years ago with a fair amount of clairvoyance and the process for me has always been to step down what I have been allowed to understand so that others can benefit.

So, try to imagine that I was seeing auras and images floating out of auras, and I had x-ray vision for a while.  If you have these experiences, your sense of reality is profoundly altered because you cannot forget what you saw nor explain it away.

I tried to get a concrete grasp on the insubstantial but it's almost a contradiction in terms because the invisible is—from a certain perspective—lacking in substance, but it isn't and this is my point.

A wave is basically a movement at a certain rate of oscillation.  Each time you double the rate, you "go up an octave."  For a moment, try not to give the wave a name, just think of it as movement.  If you are a musician, you may appreciate this because sound waves are critical to our perception and appreciation of music.  However, all movement has physical characteristics of shape and warmth and light and color and sound.  The problem is your ears only function in a certain range, more or less around the 8th octave; but we know that dogs hear higher pitched frequencies than we can hear so we can readily agree that the frequency is a sound even though people don't hear the sound.  We also know that most animals experience smell, which also travels as part of a wave, in a more discerning manner than we do, but, we think we see color better than dogs.  I have always wondered what makes us so sure of this because it is obvious to me that some animals see "ghosts" as a totally normal part of their reality so they are "seeing" in a frequency where most people have no sense organ.

This is actually my point.  We are so uniquely structured that we only see light in one octave, for the record, the 49th octave.  Below that, we have infrared, i.e. lower than red; and above that, we have ultraviolet.  That is because we divide the octave of light into a rainbow of colors with red being at the low end of the visible spectrum and violet being at the high end; but every culture names the divisions of light differently, some making no distinction between blue and green and this seems normal to them.  Likewise, we divide a sound octave differently, into five notes or seven and every culture makes little distinctions between exactly where the "natural" note is and when it is a little flat or sharp.

Now, let's assume the world is far more complex than our senses allow us to know and that there is movement in ranges that are not detected in a conscious manner.  In a way, this is exactly what is going on so if we call a blind person blind because he does not see what we see in the same manner than we see it, what must a horse think if he sees ghosts and we do not?  To him, humans must be blind.

In the Beginning

I promise you, this email is going somewhere.  Thanks to the fact that some people have much more interest in applied physics than I, we have developed technology that operates in frequency ranges that are not detected by our senses.  For instance, ultrasound technology uses a frequency, yes, you guessed it, that is higher than "ear" sound.  We say it is benign because we do not have any real ways of measuring whether or not it is harmless.  Someone with clairvoyance operating at the 20th octave may have a different perception.

I want to involve you in this discussion because the irony is that almost all religions agree with some version of "In the beginning was the Word."  In Hinduism, for instance, the "Word" is what emerges from the Mind of God when He is creating.  We might speculate on why God creates, but some pundits have answered the question thusly:  God meditates and imagines and then wishes to see His Ideas emerge from His Mind.  I will leave the pondering to you, but the point is that the first movement is a sound wave from the Creator of Everything and I think we could take a Socratic plunge and say the Universe is all waves and it all exists because the Creator caused it to come into being.


The fact is, however, that we are cluttering sound with sounds we have originated, but that word is sort of strange.  I like that email joke that comes around every few years in which God and man complete to create a man, and then God says, "Make your own clay."  Anyway, in a perfect Universe, every vibration would harmonize with the Idea underlying Creation, but we have gone off on our own tangents and created the great cacophony, one which includes countless visible and audible intrusions on our vibrations as well as even more invisible ones.  A mystic from the Philippines phoned me a few weeks ago to say that the Native Americans called these invisible electronic intrusions "fireflies" and they predicted that the world as we knew it would end with the skies are full of fireflies.

There is a lot to get worked up about.  If you are like me, you are signing online petitions all day long.  We are fighting to protect whales and seals and ecological havens and human rights and health.  You can get so busy with the struggle that you haven't got time to be with yourself and those you love.  You may even forego proper cooking and conversation because the Internet has kept you so busy, but this site is for people concerned in one way or another with cancer.

Causes of Cancer

What I have seen is that there are multiple causes for cancer, but on a cellular level, two things have to happen before we can call something malignant.  The first is that the cell has to become deformed.  Since it was originally conceived in a matrix of sound, any disturbance to that matrix poses a risk.  Think of the sound as a garden.  You plant some flowers in a perfect spot.  The sun shines and you water and the flowers bloom the way you anticipate.  You have too much light or shade or not enough water, and the garden takes on an appearance you did not expect.

Likewise, your cells are designed to perform optimally under certain specific conditions, and my experience is that they do as expected unless there are some surprises.  For them, a frequency can be as disturbing as a drought is to your garden.  Also, just as some plants will adapt and others will die, cells that are challenged may bite the dust or mutate so as to survive under more challenging circumstances.  Then, if the conditions are corrected, it is anyone's guess how many cells will have the capacity to revert back and how many  are irrevocably altered.

This is my second condition.  For a cell to be considered malignant, it has to prefer anaerobic life to aerobic.  This means that it lives on fermentation rather than oxygenation.  Again, while I know some therapies are built around increasing the oxygenation of tissues, we need to accept that mutations can be more or less responsive to change.  In other words, the malignant cells may or may not revert to normal, and this is part of the reason that the same therapies do not work for every cell much less every person.

Entrainment with Sound

This said, I want to try to take the discussion out of the metaphysical to as concrete a level as possible.  The deepest and most complete "healing" I have ever facilitated has come through music.  I think music works because a moment comes in the therapy in which the patient hears precisely the right sound to produce the healthy reorganization that I personally believe is God's Intent for each of us.  Therefore, healing of this type invariably has a spiritual component because there is a profound sense that everything feels right.  More importantly, to the extent that we remember the experience, we can entrain and get back to normal after disturbances.

What I saw in Germany was, however, deeply disturbing.  Remember, I had the opportunity to look at live blood for all the patients being treated there.  Contrary to my previous beliefs, radiation appeared much more dangerous than I had understood.  The white blood cells were actually fragmented, not just in the area irradiated—because the samples we were viewing were usually taken from drops of blood removed from the finger or ear lobe.  Blood circulates so the notion that the treatment is localized is only true insofar as one is looking at non-circulating cells.  I have tried to describe this but the best I can do would be to suggest that you break a cell into pieces and then imagine a gigantic jigsaw puzzle in which the pieces would fit back together again.  Then, you would see a picture of a white blood cell, frozen in time, because the frequency destroyed the viability because, I believe, the frequency is higher than anything organic or intrinsic to the human body.  The  fastest vibrating constituent of human tissue is supposedly phosphorus so anything that vibrates faster will not support regeneration of life, but it could instigate mutation and this is precisely what we understand about radiation:  there is no such thing as a safe level of radiation.  So, the guidelines we have that attempt to establish safety are based on vague assumptions about the individual's capacity to restore normalcy after an insult.  I believe this capacity varies tremendously from one person to another.  Moreover, it is severely impaired both in people who are ill as well as those who are assaulted by repeated exposures without time to regroup their energies.

Aura Experiments

Years ago, I did some very simple aura balancing experiments.  I would have people touch light switches or telephones and then wait to see how long it took for the aura to reorganize after the "insult."  Mind you, these are fairly routine insults.  A few weeks ago, when I did the cell phone experiments, I used a similar plan and what I found was that the unshielded cell phone caused an immediate reorganization of cells, but they attempted to regroup in a more normal pattern when the insult was removed.  This took several hours and was only partially successful because some cells had been injured in the experiment and were therefore not viable enough to revert to normal.  In my opinion, and this is really a metaphysical opinion rather than a scientific one, this is what the issue is:  constant or intermittent exposure to a stressor causes weakness among the most vulnerable cells.  Some will die and some will adapt but those that adapt will most likely be mutants.

On a slightly happier note, we can look at the work of Royal Rife and perhaps also Gunther Enderlein and Gaston Naessens and take heart from the fact that the organisms they studied, especially the "cancer virus" of Royal Rife, were pleomorphic meaning that when the terrain changed, the form would become more or less pathogenic.  I have an article on this on and probably several other places on my many web sites.  The idea is simply that the conditions in which a cell lives determine how the cell will appear; but unlike plants in the garden, pleomorphic cells develop upwards and downwards.  This is complex terminology but if you think of a egg hatching and becoming a chicken, you have a linear view of life because you know the chicken will not become an egg again.  At best, it will lay an egg.  In pleomorphism, growth is not like this.  The appearance of the organism is based on the nutrients and oxygen and force fields affecting the organism rather than age so a pathogenic organism can become benign and vice versa. 

The value of this understanding is that you have far more control and ability to influence your health than you realize.  Moreover, you have so much control that you can basically defeat disease or cause an otherwise sensible therapy to fail if the terrain is not protected from injurious factors . . . and these include frequencies as well as food and medicine.

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The Terrain




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