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Yesterday, I gave another in a series of seminars for health care practitioners, wonderful and diverse group of people. The difference between the first seminar and the one yesterday is that people now have their feet wet. It was also special because it was so very interactive. I love seeing people with totally different training listening and learning . . . oh, oh, enough romanticism for a gorgeous Easter Sunday.

I am writing because two protocols were discussed by those in the group that could be relevant for those who are battling cancer, for those who are curious, and for those who read the Paracelsus posts and didn't know whether or not to take them seriously. Both involved Ayurvedic strategies and they were reported by different practitioners, one of whom just came back from four months in India where she was studying the use of toxic metals that are purified using the ancient Ayurvedic methods. This brought us to butter and ghee. As I said, I know a patient who was deemed terminal who developed a craving for butter and ate mega amounts and went into remission. According to the persons in the seminar yesterday, this is a strategy sometimes recommended by Dr. Lad (ghee) and other doctors in India (butter rather than ghee.) Our theory, for what it is worth, is that fat has an incredible capacity to hold toxins. We all know the "brown fat" syndrome and I have told people on weight loss programs to be sure they detoxify at the same time they are losing weight or the toxins are knocked into the system where they become much more irritating than when buffered by fat. One of the persons yesterday said that sesame oil can be used in the similar matter. It goes without saying that the butter used should be free of hormonal additives. Personally, I am inclined to use butter rather than ghee, but I suppose there are choices here.Another factor associated with butter is its rejuvenative properties where bone marrow is concerned and I think this is of no small matter where there is serious degeneration and fragility. It also helps to build up viscous surfaces of cell membranes, including red blood cells, making them less permeable where infection and/or parasitization may be factors.Yoghurt was the other mono diet discussed though here the logic was less clear and the quantities required were subject to quite a lot of opinion. Two liters per day was suggested by one doctor in India as necessary for the patient in question and the patient did recover. The same recommendations for quality are pertinent here: homemade or very pure yoghurt is required, not the sweetened and flavored and reconstituted yoghurts that even some health foods stores carry.

The next part of the discussion yesterday involved the tridoshic nature of cancer. To make this manageable, I would like to break it down a bit. In my early days of cancer study, cancer was defined as an abnormality of the cells. Unless each cell consisted of 23 pairs of chromosomes, it was abnormal. The theory was that the greater the abnormality, the more virulent the cancer. The abnormality was believed to arise during the process of mitosis so that an error occurred at the exact moment that the cell was dividing. In a healthy body, many such errors might occur but the abnormal cells would not be particularly viable and they would not become a threat to the host. There are many other characteristics of cancer, but as an astrologer, I presumed that the error occurs under a Uranus influence so that mutant cells form. Ergo, exposure to high tension electric wires and radiation, emotional shock, and so forth could all heighten the risks of "mitotic errors." No one really seems to question the validity of this thesis. I personally feel that the studies of childhood cancers that show higher incidences of cancer on the side of the street where the power lines are is ample proof that electrical interference exacerbates the risk of cellular deformities. So then does free radical activity because the electron imbalances pose an enormous hazard to health, what I called cellular chaos earlier. From an Ayurvedic perspective, this is a vata derangement occurring in a situation characterized by anabolic activity (my own words and interpretation.) In other words, we cannot view cancer simply as a disease of excess anabolic function because if kapha or ama were the only issues, we'd have swelling and growth and congestion and maybe obesity, high blood sugar, and so on and so forth but not necessarily maverick cells. Then, we add the issue of infection, something not always associated with cancer, certainly not in those texts that treat cancer as a degenerative disease. However, infection is another irritant and many infections are neurotoxic so they deplete the resources of the patient by interfering with synaptic responses, communication, and comfort. It is impossible to rest if there is constant pain or assault on the nerves. This is therefore devitalizing. What is important about all this is that an approach to healing that does not reflect all the issues will leave some stone uncovered. I have generally advised patients against what might be called kapha-genic diets, diets that drastically increase anabolic activity; but yoghurt and butter are not genuinely kapha producing because both contain a significant amount of fire, yoghurt because of the fermentation and sour taste and butter because it supports agni or fire. Anyway, it is a sacred day, Easter Sunday, but I received posts from two patients who are not up to par today and I wanted to provide some hope for them for regeneration and renewal.

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