Congress on Cancer and Spirituality
June 10-12, 2000 (Pentecost)

A meeting organized by the International Association of Spiritual Psychiatry

We are happy to announce that our next congress will be on the topic "Cancer and Spirituality." It will be held during the weekend of Pentecost, from June 10-12, 2000, in the splendid field of Courmettes, Tourrettes-sur-Loop (06).This meeting will be the occasion for exploring the subtle relationship of body and spirit as applied to a disease of civilization.We hope that these exchanges will have an experiential value. Our aim is to look further into the knowledge that we have of the body and ourselves, the bases of spiritual metaphysics and of the disease, the key role of the immune system to the interface of body-spirit, and the prospects thus offered by a global vision.

Dr. Jean-Marc Mantel, Medical coordination

Marion Mantel, Coordination administrative

To read the text of the paper presented by Gail Barber for Ingrid Naiman, see the article on Music Therapy.




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